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Tour Du Mont Blanc 2018 – Another time when the mountains called (and off I went)
Photo Credit:Glenn Catherine Rodgers

26 Post- Pandemic Days on the John Muir Trail

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  • And off we go…
    Last day of prepping and fretting over what to take. Mark 💕 foraged Mammoth this morning for Tyvek, water bladder, teensy nalgene bottles, a pack cover, and … a giant […]
  • Die Verwandlung (“The Metamorphosis”) – T minus 4
    Well my little friend “Franz” buzzed on in to check me out while I napped in my tent today. This post is about transformation in honor of his untimely demise. […]
  • The Peri-pathetic Wanderer
    You read that right – I know how to spell peripatetic (at least autocorrect does). Yesterday’s final shakedown was a 14 mile, fully loaded (33 lbs)extravaganza over Mammoth Pass to […]
  • Final Countdown T minus 6
    Well – coming down to the wire – still debating on which solar panel to bring – the cheaply built but super efficient and light (3oz) one or the 19 […]
  • Pinch Me, the Reality of Prep, and Trip Overview.
    Well – pinch me – after many years of thinking it impossible, the stars have aligned and I am leaving in 8 days to start a Northbound (NOBO) journey on […]
  • It really does take a village…
    I am eternally grateful to the PCT thru-hikers who congregate in the Horseshoe Lake parking lot up in Mammoth – for their help and advice. We gave some of them […]
  • The Shakedowns – some but not all
    You learn the strangest things when prepping for an extended hike at altitude. Last month I was in Mammoth to get some high altitude training and to test my reaction […]

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